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FetishSwingers Event Etiquette & Rules!


Although we host Fetish Adult Parties, Sex is NOT Guaranteed.

No Thanks or NO always means NO and correct etiquette is not to question ANYONE AND OR individual's answer.

If someone has asked you to move away and or stop doing something, you should do so immediately and leave the area or stand back. (Without question/s)

Anyone should not try and or explain yourself, or make anyone feel uncomfortable. Find a hosting team member to mediate and or complain on the event night. (Not when you have gone home and or left event) Do not get involved and or deal with issue yourself.


WE ARE AWARE THAT THINGS HAPPEN. SO SHOULD YOU BE UNABLE TO ATTEND one of our hosted events, PLEASE LET US KNOW prior IN ADVANCE, AS catering levels which we provide at certain events ARE DEPENDANT ON GUEST LIST NUMBERS, SO WE CAN MAKE ADJUSTMENTS and not waste food and so to keep pricing to a minimum.

All Guests must of pre advance booked and if you have not contacted us prior to a hosted event and you are not on our guest list you Will be refused entry on arrival.

We do ask for photo I.D. on ocassions at events and it is Guests responsibility prior to attending to check, as we are all responsible adults please.

Please note we are LGBT friendly, try always to not price discriminate at our venues we secure (sometimes circumstances beyond our control) and our events may include transgender, Bi Straight or any guests wishing to express themselves and enjoying our Fetish hosted events. Please Take note and if you do attend you are in agreement and accept all. So for that reason those who have opinion and or unable to not express at a event need not attend and or request to be added to the guest list.


No PHONES & or any recording equipment are allowed to be used in the venue at any time.

You may use your phone in an Allocated Area prior to consent from a hosting team member and or its agent if one is specified. ALWAYS ask a hosting team member to be present as a witness if you need to check baby sitter/s or for an emergency. If a team member notices or has reason to believe a phone has or is being used and or trust being abused, The hosting team WE will insist to view your phone and then for you to leave straight away. Note There are no chances.


No Excessive drinking whilst in the venue or before you arrive please. Please note excessive alchole drinking could lead you to making decisions you wouldn’t normally make. If  any histing Team member and or agent of the hosting team find that you are above an acceptable limit, (Inthere opinion) you will be refuse entry to the venue or asked to leave the venue. (No appeals)

Please also ensure that all drinks remain in the dedicated area to avoid spillages. Please check individual hosted event venues for futher policys for clarity. Please do not presume and it is your responsibilty to ask.


We have a zero tolerance policy on drugs - this means you cannot take drugs before you attend our Hosted event parties, or whilst you are at a venue we are hosting either inside or outside. Anyone found to be under the influence of drugs, or in the hosted team and or a agent acting on behalf of in there opinion will be removed from the venue immediately and permanently. (No Appeal and or refund)


Before touching, or joining in with anyone anywhere in our hosted event, permission should always be sought first. Even when people are playing in an open area this does not mean that you can join in without asking permission first. Please do not TOUCH anyones equipment/Toys without pror consent.

There should be no assumption that previous play with a person or group indicates permanent or future permission during any of our hosted events and we state permission should be confirmed on each occasion.

Please use your common-sense and look for other members' body language, please respect others wishes and don’t assume anything.

Safe sex and CHOICE is an individual’s responsibility. Fetish swingers support Safe Sex, However we expect all gentlemen to WEAR PROTECTION, unless it has been expressly agreed otherwise before play has commenced but, please always be respectful of some with there choice.


Please be mindful of other guests wishing to use the equipment after your use. Please ensure that you clean up after yourselves or advise a staff member if an area needs pne of the hosting Team attention. Take note We are adults and the Hosting team are not there to clear up after guests playing so please be mindful.


If you have any cause to complain about another guest or guests, please report this immediately to a team member so we may rectify the situation, on the night of attandance and or prior to you leaving.


Smoking outside the venue is permitted at some hosted events, however please respect that some of the hosting team may not smoke and are not there to pick up discarded dog ends off the floor, even if in the designated area. Smoking is forbidden anywhere inside the venues at any of our hosted event at any time.


We are not able to offer refunds  


The management reserve the right to change or amend these rules without prior notice and by attending one of our hosted events your are accepting this conditions.




Should a Unfortunate Event Occur where we FetishSwingers and or his agent/s have to cancel a Party, Full Refunds can be given to Pre-Paid Guests, but we are unable to Refund any accomadation or Hotel Fees.


Single Fetish Guys : As you are Aware, we Constantly have More PreBookings than Allocated Places. So for Single Guys Prebooked, Please confirm your Attendance 48 hours prior to attending. Failure to Attend after that will Result in Refusal of Entry to Future Events.  


Fetish Swingers and or it agents, Venue hosts or otherwise, shall not be held Liable and or responsible for any loss or injury sustained that may be obtained by any club attendee/s whilst on the premises of any hosted venue event by Us.

While attending any of our Hosted Event parties you agree to abide by the rules stated above. Failure to abide by these rules means that you may be asked to leave the venue and or permanently barred.

Any doubts or queston/s, PLEASE do not presume contact us and ask.

Kind Regards

The Fetish Swingers Hosting Events Team.