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                           FETISH SWINGERS HOSTED EVENTS T&Cs

When attending any of our hosted events you are confirming you have read this page and confirm to accept and abide by the FetishSwingers T&Cs Behaviour policy.

FetishSwingers rules:

* All Fetish swingers events are not as such a strict dress code, however we do look for effort, Anything fetish or associated to the themed event is acceptable (Thats why we choose a theme) or at the least minimum all black please.

(No Jeans, Tshirts, Trainers are acceptable.)

* Anyone arriving inappropriately dressed will be refused entry, and or if one of the Fetish swingers hosting team (Mistresses) after entry feels this, you may be challenged.

* Over 18s only hence why we ask you do bring I.D. on first visit please to avoid doubt.

* Full Nudity is normally permitted at our private hosted events

* We are asked frequently, and state Masturbating is permitted at our fetish swingers events, however if you are asked to refrain during a play scene or any other situation occurs. please respect others and comply. 

* No Means No! Anyone seen, found harassing, following our other guests at our private parties in our opinion will be challenged and or asked to leave. 

* If person/s are playing on equipment unless they have spoken to you/interact please do not interrupt there play time/scene without the full consent of those involved and or invited.

 ** Further Etiquette

We are all Fetish minded interested swingers attending as a norm.


* As Fetish swingers and at our events some just like to maybe tie n tease each other, something they are unable to even experiment at home due to family commitments etc. Some people play Sub/Dom roles, others more seriously.

Many and most like us are not serious during play, easy going, laid back, open, looking for a little kinkery FUN. So be cautious ask the questions as or when you first meet.

* We are Transgender friendly.

* Please note some of our friends, guests may seem to present themselves the opposite gender/identity to the one you presume immediately.

* Sometimes gender is very ambiguous and getting more and more impossible to know.

The FetishSwingers team promote equality & diversity and allows anyone to be able to attend, express themselves how they wish, we also like to think we do not price gender for any of our hosted events who wish to attend.

FetishSwingers asks all to respect ALL and do not ask what gender they are, some/many find this offensive.

There are many labels now in day to day life and can be found in the fetish scene too from time to time. FetishSwingers hosting team suggest simply be direct ask the company/guest/s you are speaking to how they like to be addressed above all show respect to everyone's choices of who they wish to be.

PLEASE....... Opinions are left outside, and if your are have strong opinions and feel you always have to express, we suggest and insist that our events are not the time and place to do so and are not for you.

* PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT SIT ON ANY EQUIPMENT. USE IT! Its there to be used and for others to be able to approach without the worry of asking someone to move. (It maybe there first visit)

* Any play on our equipment, we suggest you agree a safe word to be used prior to commencement.

* No Means No.

* Unsure how a piece of equipment works ask the Dungeon monitor or one of the FetishSwingers team.

* Please as previous stated show respect and be polite to all. (Unless prior agreed of course) 

* Inappropriate or in the FetishSwingers team opinion any form of aggressive behaviour is not tolerated or acceptable.

All the FetishSwingers Team operate zero tolerance no chances.

* Inappropriate behaviour seen from others.

Do not challenge others of there conduct please, instead approach one of the Fetish Team members or go to the person who you first met at the door.

The Head Dungeon monitor, Mistress Crystalz, Mistress Discreetz & our resident Dom & Mistresses are always on hand or any members of the FetishSwingers party team.

* During Play.

Any of the team may approach you from time to time just so to check in as such.

This may well happen if you are new and or not known by the team. Our nights are about all to have FUN! Our parties/events are not hard play. 


Pictures, Cameras, ANY recording  Device at our events.

NO CAMERAS and or any recording equipment/device of any kind can be brought to any of our events Looked at checking or otherwise whilst inside our event.

We hope to have a resident photography set in a separate secluded set up studio within the event, who will have  a I.D. badge, for those posers who like a picture or 2 taken of them selves in the outfits.

Anyone seen, found discovered using and or looking at any kind of device without prior permission of FetishSwingers events and or have personnel present, your device will be taken from you & Person/s friend/s with you will be asked to leave & escorted out from the venue. 

Any photos taken by our resident photographer on the night will not be taken without full consent. Photos taken by her/him may be used for our website for promotional use.

No face picture will be used without full written consent. Do not pose for photographer unless you are happy for your pics to be used/shown. All photos at our event remain the property of FetishSwingers and or the individual approved photographer, written consent must be requested and given by FetishSwingers events before any use of them in any way and or purpose .

* Drugs.

Our events are NOT 420 friendly.

 We enforce a ZERO tolerance policy on Drugs, including poppers.

This means you cannot take prior to attending and or bring any drugs into our hosted events to consume during or for after, and or of which any of The FetishSwingers hosting team feel not suitable in our events. None either inside or outside in the smoking area included or within any space of the club event venue.

 Anyone found to be under the influence of too much alcohol or of drugs in the FetishSwingers hosting teams opinion will be removed from the club immediately and permanently Banned, and our may be reported.

* Smoking Area

Smoking outside the hosted venue and or designated area is normally permitted, but the FetishSwingers hosting team reserve the right maybe to limit the numbers, and also asks everyone to keep noise to a minimum all times. 




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