T & Cs @FetishSwingers.


* We ask All - Respect everyone’s privacy & play space.

* Make sure you do not get too close to others and be aware of the back swings of floggers & whips especially.

* The FetishSwingers hosting team always recommend agreeing, using a safe word involving any engagement of scene/roll play when attending any FetishSwingers Hosted events, (first time at home is a good idea too. Saves any argument breaking out) when playing even if those are of experienced. A safe word is especially advised also when you are not totally familiar with your play partner or playing for the first time is a must and we insist.

* The word 'RED' is widely recognised as a common safe word meaning STOP in the scene of play!

* FetishSwingers or any guests do not make you take part in any roll/scene play if or when attending any of our hosted events. (Come to watch. Admirers & Voyeurs welcome)


* Play/participation on occasions is invited, encouraged, but be aware that you use all equipment at your own risk and neither the FetishSwingers Hosting events team or it's appointed acting agent/s, venue organiser, suppliers of any equipment, accept any liability for any loss or injury that may occur. You attend our events giving your consent & agreeing to all FetishSwingers events T&Cs,

* Please note any other person/s equipment you may borrow/use also is used at your own risk. FetishSwingers Events Hosting team and or its venue agent/s do not accept any liability.

 * Please respect all Play/Furniture - equipment.

* Do not sit on the equipment furniture or use it as a seat, bench stool, table for food or drink etc as it prevents genuine players from using it. (Someone maybe tempted, be new? Nervous?  THINK! How nervous you was first time, or how they are trying to feel comfortable let alone asking someone excuse me, can you move off, we like to try this piece of equipment.

 * Others Belongings/Personal space..

* Please do not touch other people, their equipment, bags, clothes, toys or their subs without prior consent/permission. If you want to borrow something, please be respectful and ask, then return it and remember clean it afterwards.

*  Store your bags/equipment thoughtfully please. Do not block corridors/walkways, or leave in public communal areas unattended so to avoid possible injury to others.

 * Play In session/Situations.

* Please do not take for granted or join in to a scene in session without the explicit permission of all concerned. It is bad practice and manners to crowd them or try to push in. If they want your involvement, you will be invited. If you would like to watch a roll scene in progress do so at a respectful distance. As a spectator keeping conversation between you and them to a minimum (Unless enticed) and at the lowest volume as possible.

* Always remember and respect the after-care between Sub, Mistress & Dom and leave them undisturbed until finished. (Unless invited to participate in conversation)

Please always think before starting a scene at any public FetishSwingers play Event or private party too. Ask yourself are you confident and comfortable enough to be seen playing?

* Do not be tempted or allow yourself to be involved in a scene you are not comfortable with. If you become uncomfortable with a scene with others then simply CALL RED!

Make your excuse if desired, leave the area, seek out a dungeon monitor/hosting member team if you need aftercare or a need to report and or issue, it will be addressed/discussed/dealt with quickly and without fuss.

 * Our Furniture/Equipment

* The equipment/furniture is for your enjoyment and used at your own risk. We ask that you satisfy yourself that equipment is safe and clean to use before starting to play and please remember to clean it again after use.

* If you wish a little guidance/explanation and or talk you through it, feel free to ask a member of the hosting team, who will be more than willing to support you. (All the Hosting team are more than willing to assist if asked, here to help and to make your visit a pleasant memorable one)

* If you find any equipment unsafe while attending any FetishSwingers hosted event/s, please let the Hosted organiser/dungeon monitor or one of the hosting team members know as soon as possible and it will be addressed/investigated further on the day of the event you are attending.

 * No Photography Policy. 

* No photography, cameras or any sort of recording devices permitted at any FetishSwingers Hosted Events, including mobiles with cameras are permitted to be used at any party 

* On occasions there may be a in house official approved FetishSwingers events photographer who will make himself known, you have the chance to request and should ask them to take any photographs you would like, using the venue's own camera to vet what has been taken.

* All photographs will be agreed to be sent via email after review by the FetishSwingers Hosting Events Team/venue owner/s. No copies will be kept unless gifted to the Fetish Swingers Hosting Events Team by the model in the picture or used unless prior consent.

FetishSwingers Hosting Events Team, Reserve the right/s to all pictures taken at any Hosted event and do so by written permission to upload/reproduce for any other promotional/personal purposes.

 * Our Privacy - Confidentiality Policy at our Hosted events.

* Remember the FetishSwingers Hosted Events Protocol when entering a hosted event, you consented and agree when attending any FetishSwingers Hosting Events to be bound, adhere & abide by all content on this of this website confirming prior to attending you have read all.

* You agree NEVER to share discuss anything of the activities, scene play or the people included in any scene either before or after with anyone not attending or attended a hosted event. This is a simple, but over looked respect of privacy which may/can cause alarm/distress when overlooked.

* Failure to do so may/will incur a suspension of permission to attend any future FetishSwingers Hosted Event/s or in what is deened by the FetishSwingers committee exceptional case/s a permanent Exclusion will be issued.

* Please respect the right to Everyone’s privacy and of the other guests attending any of the FetishSwingers Hosted Events party/event and share nothing.

* We will not comment, confirm or deny, share any information of who is attending and or answer questions of. Please do not ask.

  Finally. We have to say again.

* No illegal substances and or of the FetishSwingers Hosting Team and or its agent/s deem of is permitted of any kind - allowed inside and or outside - including car park/s associated and or used as part of the hosted event you are attending at the time. 

* No illegal activities are acceptable and or permitted/allowed.

* Failure to adhere to these rules above will result in being asked to leave the premises and may incur a lifetime ban.

(No Refunds are given in any circumstances including Membership fees if applicable.)