FetishSwingers Event Etiquette & Rules (T&Cs)!

When Attending any of FetishSwingers hosted events you are agreeing to adhere and be bound to the rules below.


 * Although we host Fetish Adult Parties, Sex is NOT Guaranteed and or assumption.

 * NO always means NO! *No thanks means NO.

 * Correct etiquette is not to question ANYONE AND OR any individual's/couples have to answer.

 * If someone has asked you to move away and or to stop doing something, you should do so immediately and leave the area or stand back. (Without any question/s)

 * Anyone should not try and or have to explain yourself, or make anyone feel uncomfortable.

 * At all times if an incident may arise and or someone wishes to take issue, Find a hosting team member to mediate and or complain on the event night of those who have upset offened. (Not when you have gone home and or left event) Do not get involved and or deal with issue yourself walk away if challenged if a situation gets a little heated or arises.



 We are aware that genuine things happen in life from time to time.

So should you be in this genuine unfortunate situation unable to attend one of our hosted events at the last minute that you have booked to attend, Please contact us and let us know as soon as possible, as we do operate a reseve list on ocassions due to capacity limits and this also assists catering levels when providing food which we provide at certain events, that are dependant of guest list numbers, allowing us if need be to make adjustments so not to waste food, and so to keep costs to a minimum.


 * Any Guests wishing to attend a FetsishSwingers hosted event must of pre advance booked (Unless Venue Permits otherwise) and be on the guest list and if you have not contacted us prior to a hosted event and you are not on our guest list you will be refused entry on arrival. Sorry no exceptions!


 * We may ask for photo I.D. on ocassions at events on your first visit of arrival, this will be advised in your email confirmation from us, and it is Guests responsibility prior to attending to check and make sure if requested you have proof of I.D. with you, as we are all responsible adults please.


 * Please note we are LGBT friendly, and always aim to not price discriminate at our hosting event venues we secure. (sometimes circumstances may be beyond our control) 

 * Our events may include transgender, transexual, bi, straight, lesbian, cosplayers etc, or any guests wishing to attend who are comfortable to express themselves, enjoying our FetishSwingers hosted events.

 * Attending a FetishSwingers hosted event you agree to keep all/any opinion/s you may have at home.

 * Please Take note: If you do attend any of the FetishSwingers hosted events you are in agreement by entering any of our hosted events you accept everyones choice to be how they wish to be. So for that reason anyone who may have an opinion of any other indevidual/s of how they wish to present, dress act or be and unable to keep there opinion to ones self.

 * Those unable to reframe and allow those that want to express, or feel the need judging those who may apper to them that are different in anyway at any of our event/s are not welcome and need not book/attend or request to be added to the guest list. Everyone entering our events accept and are in agreement to our Terms and conditons of entry.


 * NO PHONESCameras & or Any recording equipment or otherwise deemed by the hosting events team and or its agents are allowed to be used in the venue or within the grounds car parks at any time.

 * You may be be permitted use of your phone ONLY in an Allocated Area and in the presence of a team hosting member ( To Check Baby Sitter/s) only prior to consent from a hosting team member and or its agent if one is specified.

 * Please do not presume its OK to get your phone out and use! ALWAYS ask a hosting team member or its appointed agent to be present as a witness if you need to check baby sitter/s.

 * Emergency Ambulance/Fire & Rescue.

 * For clarity for an emergency situation, Dial 999 and inform any hosting team member and or its agent immediately.

 * Procedure/Policy/Training is in place to guide Ambulance and or Fire & Rescue in the unlikely event and dedidicated personell of the hosting team have been appointed for such situation if arouse at any time durung any FetishSwingers Hosted events.

 * If a hosting team member and or its acting agent notices, or has any reason to think, believe a phone has or is being used and or trust has or being abused, the hosting team and or its agent/s will insist and have the right to view your phone of which you have agree to by entering at the start of any hosting event of the FetishSwinger hosting team events.

The FetishSwingers Hosting team and or any of its appointed agent/s, may/will make a decision for you to leave straight away and or have the right to sieze the item of equipment in question. (No Exceptions.)

 * Note: There are no chances.



 * No Excessive drinking whilst in the venue or before you arrive is acceptable.

 * Please note excessive alcohol drinking could lead you to making decision/s you wouldn’t normally make. If a or any hosting Team member and or agent/s of the hosting team find that you are above an acceptable limit, (In there opinion) prior to entry you will be refused entry to the venue or if found during the event. you're be asked/told to leave the venue. (No appeals or refunds)

 * Please also ensure that all drinks/Glasses remain in the dedicated area to avoid spillages if applicable to some hosted venues. Please check individual hosted event venues for futher policies for clarity if in doubt.

 * Please do not presume and it is your responsibilty to ask.



 * FetishSwingers hosted events and or its acting agents, have a Zero tolerance policy on drugs - this means it is unacceptable of FetishSwingers hosted events team and or its acting agents you cannot take drugs prior  to you attending our Hosted event parties, or whilst you are at a venue we are hosting either inside or outside.

 * Anyone showing, acting suspicious, popping out to car/s frequently or found to be taking or under the influence of any ilegal substance/s/drugs, will be removed from the venue immediately and permanently excluded to attend any future events, if found or appears to be in there opinion by any of The  FetishSWingers Hosting team member or any of its acting agent/s.

 * We do reserve the right without notice and again remind this is a condition you agreed to by attending any of our events by entering any of our FetishSwingers hosted events to call advise the police.

 * This is and may be a condition of our Venue events policy conditions and to protect us and all our guests. (No Appeal/s and or refunds) Do not presume or by way of your opinion it may be or is ok. Ask prior to attending. Poppers are also not permitted at our hosted events.



 * Before touching, or joining in with anyone anywhere at any of our hosted event, Permission MUST, IS and should always be sought first.

 * Even when people are playing in an open space area this does not mean that you can join in without asking permission (CONSENT) first. (This is nearly always the first question asked by security/hosts tema members if in the rare occassion a situation has arouse.)

 * Please do not approach or TOUCH anyones equipment/Toys bags etc without pror consent.

 * There should be no assumption that previous play with a person or group indicates permanent and or future permission during any of our hosted events and we state Permission (CONSENT) should be confirmed on each occasion.

 * Please use your Common-Sense, above all be direct and ASK, and do not just look for other 'Guest members' body language. Please respect others wishes and don’t assume anything.

 * Safe sex and choice is an individual’s responsibility. FetishSwingers support Safe Sex, However we expect all gentlemen to WEAR PROTECTION, unless it has been expressly agreed, consented, otherwise, before play has commenced but, please always be respectful of some with there choice and we ask do not judge and is a condition of you attending any FetishSwingers hosted event/s..

 * Please be mindful of All other guests at all times, waiting, wishing to use the equipment after your use. * Please ensure that you clean up after yourselves or advise a staff member if an area needs one of the Hosting Team attention. Its fine, lets all have a duty of care and please do not just ignore it. We are adults and the Hosting team are not there to clear up after guests playing, so please be mindful to All. Never be, or feel embarrased, specially if your new and or you may of made a little mess. Just say to a member of the hosting team.


 * Complaints.

 * If you have any cause to complain about another guest or guests, venue conditions/Equipment, tiolet roll run out (Yes It can happen) please report this immediately to a team member so we may endevour to address, rectify the situation, on the night of attandance and or prior to you leaving.



 * We or any of our hosted venues owners, DO NOT Tolerate ANY sort of agressive, shouting, screaming, disruptive, behaviour of any description within the confines of any of our hosted Venue events, outside in the grounds or car parks. Including persons causing any form of disruption or agressive behaviour of any kind to other Geusts or members of the public when arriving or leaving a hosted venue. 

 * THEREFORE : Absolutely No Arguing, Bickering, Any Obnoxious Behaviour, Taunting, Fighting or any forms of Threatening Aggression behaviour we witness in our opinion as a hosting team is not accepted by anyone attending any of our events. We expect all our guest to act responsible and act as all adults expect.

 * If you choose and or found to be aggressive, Disruptive to any, Guests or any member of the hosting team and or its agents, including Hosted venue owners, you will be escorted and asked to leave the Venue immediately and or the police may be called.



 * Smoking outside the venue is permitted at some hosted events locations, however please respect that some of the hosting team may not smoke and are not there to pick up discarded dog ends off the floor, even if in the designated area. Use the ash trays, bins provided for your used Butts. Smoking is forbidden anywhere inside any of our hosted venues, including Vapes/E-cigarettes at any time.


  * Single Fetish Gentlemen.

 * As no doubt, Single Gentlemen you are aware, we constantly have more requests to attend and for those discounted pre pay book places than requests wish to attend one of our hosted events. So for that reason Single Gentlemen who pre pay, pre book must again also confirm via email 48 hours prior to the event they are booked in attending and or not changed there minds. People have said this is unfair for others who my of missed the oppotunity for early bird pre pay entry taken by you at time of booking, only to then not bother attending.

 * If you have prepaid and we are sucessful to allocate your reservation to someone else on the reserve list then at our discretion we may issue you a credit note refund only and the other person/s benefit of the early bird discount still. Failure to advise 48 hours prior to attending after that will result in refusal of entry, or a door surcharge applied and may risk refusal to any future hosted events. 


 * We are not able to offer refunds. 

 * The management reserve the right to change or amend these rules without prior notice and by attending one of our hosted events your are accepting all conditions in full on this page.

 * FetishSwingers hosting events team and or any of its acting agents on behalf of, reserve the right to decline entry, bookings and cancel bookings or refuse admimission on the night at the door without given reason.

 * Should a Unfortunate Event Occur where we FetishSwingers and or his agent/s have to cancel a Party, Full Refunds can be given to Pre-Paid Guests, but we are unable to Refund any other exspenses you may incur including travel, accomadation or hotel fees.


 * FetishSwingers and or it agents, Venue hosts or otherwise, shall not be held Liable and or responsible for any loss or injury may be sustained or may be obtained by any club attendee/s whilst on the premises at any of our hosted events, in car parks or parking areas of any hosted venue event by Us.

 * The FetishSwingers hosting team and or its acting agents or venue owners, reserve the right to change any policy without prior notice.

While attending after aproved acceptance of any of our Hosted Event parties, as a guest you consent to adehre and abide by the rules stated above and agree by them by way of attending and entering. Failure to adhere/abide by these rules means that you may be asked to leave the venue and or permanently be excuded to attend at a later date any other future hosted events by the FetishSwingers hosting team and or its acting agents.

Any doubts or queston/s, PLEASE do not presume, contact us in advance and ask.


Kind Regards

 The FetishSwingers Hosting Events Team.