Couples/Singles -

Introduction to Fetish - Swinging/Soft intro Bdsm.


    * We have had the pleasure of helping many single females/M/F Couples and of course males learn more about the alternative adult lifestyle of Bdsm - Swinging and the hosted events we provide, enjoy in a deeply personal and relevant way to them and their individual interests. 


    * With our 30 years of experience in the swinging - fetish scene, practicing Bdsm privately, professionally, as well as attending workshops, numerous events and being part of hosting event groups & committees, we have a vast amount of knowledge to draw on and witnessed much change over years and can get you or as a couple started. 

 * People approach us Intrigued - Looking - Wishing - Wanting:


     * Ideas on ways to introduce light soft intro fetish play into their lifestyle lives.


     * Understanding of the safety elements and ways to make their play safer. (What’s a safe word!)


     * New things to add onto their existing play.


     * An introduction to meet other like minded adults – to attend an event (Local Munch / Play events) in their local scene and or hosted events.


     * We love nothing more than pointing you in the right direction, giving guidance and opening up your world of
Alternative lifestyle desires that you’re looking for.


     * Everything we do is based on SSC (Safe, Sane and Consensual) play. Check and read the FetishSwinger Ten Commandments.


     * We can simply have a What’s App video chat about what you're intrigued - interested in exploring and the best places to start with
that. (How to avoid potential pitfalls! Very helpful if you’re a couple - Past experiences proven) We can guide, help direct or oversee your play as a single or couple together via video call ,or in person maybe at your first public outing hosted event you are wishing to attend.


  * Contact us now.


  * Let’s get the ball rolling at your pace.