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Thank you for visiting Fetish Swingers.

We are a Swinging Fetish Couple with a wonderful varied hosting team. 

We all have many friends in the Swinging & Fetish scene. who have quite a few years know how to have FUN, now enjoying & hosting introducing Soft Play fetish Intro events to attend.

We never like to say we know everything but aim to give you the best experience if you are curious, new & intrigued to find out more.

You can be progressive playmate/s or New, Intrigued, Tempted, & Curious individual/s wishing to attend our next new fetish swinging experience event/party, of a slightly different swinging lifestyle with Soft Erotic Sensual tie n tease intros events.

You seen Fifty Shades of Grey? Take note we are not like THAT! 


We welcome all adults (LGBT Friendly) who are Intrigued, willing to confirm genuine & looking to find others to take the time to explain, introducing you to other like minded people to our slightly different soft play fetish intro events.

We prefer to chat to you on the telephone so to confirm your authenticity at an early stage.

We will and aim to make you relaxed as soon as you meet us and or attend a event we are hosting.

If you are looking for guidance, We are more than happy to mentor/teach you, explain to you some of the basic starting points. Safety as the starter, including etiquette, dress code to attend events etc and happy for you to maybe have your first experience with us if of interest at a hosted event or at our home if we are all compatible.

We and our hosting events team offer first time experience of various play scenes with males, single/s Bi Female & Straight/Bi Fem couples and the transgender community too if desired.

We offer 1 - 1 fem fem experiences if a fantasy/desire of yours or with M/F couple/s or those slightly nervous single females wishing to dip there toes for the first time at our home south of Cambridge, where we have a guest room and able to provide your first situation in front of the St Andrews cross, four post bed to be restrained and more if desired so to achieve your curious and intrigued thoughts.

* Single Gents sorry.... but by invitation only to our home, but everyone always welcome to attend any of our published hosted events.

* We are not looking for any Doms or wanna be males to join us within our relationship. 

* Mistress and or extra new or progressive Female subs etc are welcome to contact us to be considered to join our dynamic poly relationship.

* We welcome everyone to any of our hosted events, and are LGBT friendly. 

We will always promote non transgender entry fees too.

You can attend with or without L plates, with or without Mistresses/Masters. All Subs/slave/s may attend any of our Soft Swingers intro hosted events alone too if desired. 

 * We address, answer any questions.

We are very easy to talk too and hopefully pleasing on the eye, so we told with a very real, genuine, open approachable attitude.

As a couple We are happy to be contacted by real genuine people via email or text to initiate conversation & authenticity about any doubts of the fetish/swinging lifestyle we host and offer.

* Those that may be tempted intrigued, interested, please do not hesitate, feel free to contact Us.

* We are happy to arrange a 1 -1 meet at our home (M/F Couples or Single Fem/s) if suited, just for a social   is fine, so to get to know us more and have a chat if you prefer as a starter.

* Stop worrying, if you feel going to one of our club event meets to daunting to start.

* There is No pressure to play at our home or at any event.

* Follow us on Twitter @fetishswingers

* We can also be found with the same user name on Fetlife, & too.

* Join/book come along to one of our monthly hosted events, or any event we maybe attend

* The Dom in this relationship sometimes may even switch with the female from time to time, so that she can create a scene and or explore her Bi side, and or to give others the chance to experience play with a female/couple.

Please note again the Female of this couple has a male Dom and does not wish to receive any further enquiries, or of offers from any other Doms.

* The Dom of this couple is classed as a Erotic, pleasure, sensual, tease denial, Dom as are all the Fetish Swingers hosting team and always welcomes person/s, subjects/submissive/s, singles or part of a couple for exploring, torment, denial, tease, exploring adventure.

Our ideal Playmates/subs can be quite confident or newcomer/s, who can be confident, assured in their day to day life, but someone who still chooses to submit to us with there consent.

All play is by consenting adults and is and will be talked about and questions asked in great detail prior to any play scene.

This can be a beginning of a journey for you/us.

* We do not play to extremes.

* If you seek degradation, total humiliation and pain then you can pass on as, We are not for you.

* You can expect teasing and very erotic sensual play if you desired.

* You can if you wish be our trainee or playmate for an event which we offer from time to time, with free entry. (T&Cs apply) 

Thats all from us

Remember Swinging is about FUN with consenting Adults.

The new Generation FetishSwingers events are no different.

FUN is our key word, and respect others at all times.

Stay Safe. Take care.

Above all always ask & HAVE FUN!

Luv N Kisses

The Fetish Swingers Hosting team

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