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 The FeTiSh Swingers Team

10 Kink Commandments

1. All activity is/must be safe, sane and consensual
(We only engage in activity when we are clear of mind and we do not cause true harm)
2. We will and always expect others to be respectful of my partner’s/playmate/s Sub/s safe word (red/yellow/green) and their hard limits.
3. We only enter into activities after we have gained trust, education, and an open mind.
4. We/others must always be polite and be expected to answer and ask questions before commencing any scene play.
5. We must not touch other people's equipment without permission.
6. We insist all playmates must always be clean, hygienic, and mindful of our own equipment.
7. We will and must always be mindful of aftercare and expect others to be the same.
8. We do not engage in humiliating and degrading scenes for solely our own amusement.
9. We aim to always protect each other’s anonymity from the harsh eyes of the vanilla world.
10. Most importantly, Fetish Swingers like to remind you do not forget its about FUN! New experiences exploring a little of the alternative and above all to have a good time.




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